Irv Robbins:

"Not everyone likes all our flavours, but each flavour is someone's favourite."


Human and machine work closely and precisely together. Automation and digitization is as important for us, as the judgement of our experienced employees.
Our production relies on highly modern manufacturing and bottling equipment in combination with an efficient, linear manufacturing processes.

Our fully automated dosing system processes hundreds of raw materials to guarantee non-contaminated treatments and standardized qualities.
Being able to exploit a variety of process technologies ensures us a high utilization of the raw materials leading to amazing products.


Hertz und Selck
Aromex Production
Aromex Production
Aromex Production

• Vacuum Concentration
• Vacuum Distillation
• Reaction Technologies
• Membrane Filtration
(Reverse Osmosis)

• Gigestion (Heat Extraction)
• Maceration (Cold Extraction)
• Percolation (Diffusion Extraction)
• Extract Concentration (Evaporation)

• Sorption
• Desorption
• Fractioning
(to recover / extract aroma from various natural sources or production side-streams or removal of unwanted aroma)


By utilization of different process techniques,
we make the best out of every raw material.

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